Rtcstats Modules Setup

Hi team,

We want to use rtcstats in our jitsi architecture and I have some questions about this:

  • Is there any documentation about installing, running, architecture etc. of jitsi rtcstats modules(rtcstats-server, rtcstats… )?
  • We use colibri ws for handling webrtc data channel.I think you disabled the colibri ws in meet.jit.si.I couldn’t see colibri ws in browser network tab. What is the reason of this?
  • After disabling the colibri ws, how client handles the connection indicator bar or other features (DominantSpeakerEndpointChangeEvent etc.)?

Thanks in advance.

We are trying to revive the sctp datachannels that use the same path as media to reach the bridge. Which answers and your third question.
For rtcstats whatever you find in the docs, any update on those is welcome.