Room Password

Dear Jitsi Team,
Hope you are doing well.
Incoming & Outgoing calling working perfectly but once i apply password in room incoming call started to fail.
Can you please help me out how to resolve this issue.
Snapshot is attached for reference. Once i applied password 1234 to the room incoming calls started to fail.

In my current configuration i have specified the room names with pin number at asterisk end and asterisk adds the sip room name information in jitsi sip header and send it to jigasi.


best regards
Salman Ali

From the IVR you can pass JvbRoomPassword as sip header with the password and jigasi will try to join with that password.

Dear Damencho,
Its working fine and now incoming calls are connecting when i use room password.
Thanks for your support.

best regards
Salman Ali