Room names can be found by (unwelcome) others?

I’m new to Jitsi and want to use it for online singing lessons, so I created a room called Singing Lessons, but then I realised that anybody in the world could just join that room or use it at other times? Are we supposed to give a very complicated room name so that nobody else can be pop in uninvited, or be already using my room as I log in to my scheduled lesson?

After you create the room, click on ‘add password.’ Only give the password to your students.

I’ve put a jitsi room behind password protection on a site. So far I haven’t noticed anyone unwanted getting to it. Then they would log in to your site, but not have to log in to your jitsi.

I’ve tried adding a password, the password disappears if I close the webpage.


If you are worried about people accidentally joining your room, you can add something to the name to make it less likely, like LorraineM/SingingLessons. If you are worried about people actively trying to guess the name, then use a random name and use caution when sharing it. You can get a random name by going to the home page: it will suggest random but readable (as much as possible) names for you.


Hello Boris. Excellent suggestion. (Why didn’t I think of that?) :slight_smile: :)) I guess I don’t know how many users Jitsi has and what is the probability of using a room name that others want. Has it ever happened that someone tries to create a room name but ends up in a room that was created earlier by someone else?