Room name on calendar is always random

Hi the Jitsi community and developers :slight_smile:
We are using the calendar option / feature on our mobile version of Jitsi Meet (Androïde and iPhone), and when we add an event to our calendar on the mobile, we can’t set a proper room name.It is always a random name on the event for the conference link …
We had set custom name for the room on our server.
Could you tell us how to have a custom room name on the calendar ?
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Editing meeting name in events is not possible through the app. You can open the event in the app you use for editing/viewing the calendar and edit the link by hand.

Although the meeting name can be edited in the URL that appears in the Location field of the Google Calendar event, it also appears in the Notes field, and there is a 10-digit Meeting ID for use on dial-in.

I assume the Meeting ID will go to the original random meeting room, and not to the same room as the edited URL.

How do we generate a corrected Meeting ID number to send out via Calendar?

@Navvy I’m curious too. Have you found an answer?

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Also interested in this. Where in the code is this logic so I can change it myself?

It produces a bad UX for our users so I orefer to remove generated room name completely and have them manually pick one (and hopefully that one gets added to the calendar).

I assume this is still not possible but if someone could point me to the source code I could give it a go.