Room name length & security

today Jitsi-Meet puts an alert when the room name is too short. Very good idea !
So we know the program can differentiate between too short or secure names.

But some users don’t care of this warning, and give their conference a short name.
Can we have a solution to force user to use a secure name ?


What is the context ? Just provide them a URL you generate in advance.

The context is for users of different companies that share this jitsi instance, on different sites. And the idea is to let users use this instance without dependence of IT team, but to force them to use secured names.
The first time we can give them URL pre-generated, but next times they can see that a direct access exist, with every name usable for conference names …

What if, at the end of a room name, if it’s too short, a random set of characters is appended to it? That would make it more secure - the only drawback being it would be difficult to actually tell people the room name verbally. (Security > ease?)

Yes, I think it could be a good idea.
Do you think it can be added to product requests ?

Possibly. It would be nice if there was an option when you entered you room name - do you want it to be safe? If the user clicks yes, random characters are then appended.

Yes, I think so !