Room Name insecure message ( urgent help please )

I’m using Jitsi embed on a wordpress site,
from today a warning has appeared that the name of the room is not secure
look at this screenshot

I tried to change the room name using UUID generator, but if I enter the name generated by UUID the room no longer works.

How do I fix this and eliminate the warning ?

Thank you !

so why doesn’t anyone help in this community? Are you racist ?

so why doesn’t anyone help in this community? Are you racist ?

I do hope that this is a joke and I will laugh at it… But if it is not, this is a forum here, not a 24/7 paid help line…

On your issue, do you own the jitsi server you are using for that wordpress front end?
Also, I don’t know if it is intended, be the screenshot you posted only shows a small bit of sceen with a warn sign… can’t do much with that!

1 minute of googling gave me this:

If you are using jitsi servers, they applied a patch few days ago that warns users if the room name they use is not unique enough, to avoid “collisions” (other users using the same room name by accident and ending in your conversation). Putting a password on the conversation should help with the issue.

I think if a password is set, the sign should not appear, but …
demo-image: a PW is set and the sign is on top.

if no PW is set: in general it would be nice having the sign disappear after a while

Edit: or an config option to disable the sign = BEST :slight_smile: