Room Manager sees all, user see only manager


We are trying to embed jitsi-meet into our web site.

We want to have a scenario in which:

  • Every room has a manager(or managers) and regular users
  • Manager(s) access the room in managers url and sees all users in room
  • User access the room in users url and sees only the room’s manager(s)

Is it this possible?

Here Jitsi for swiss higher education - success story it is mentioned that @jcfischer was able to do something like this. May be he can elaborate on how they achieved this.

We have made two things:

  • a separate viewer app that embeds the Jitsi iframe and removes most of the UI functionality (i.e. no ability to turn on mic or camera). The code is here: - you should be able to extract the relevant pieces to make this work for you
  • re-compiled Jibri to point to our own RTMP video streaming server. The viewer mentioned above is also capable of opening the stream (there still are some problems there with the viewer not playing when cookies are set from the streaming server - we are working on that)

hope that helps

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Thanks much,
I’ll have look.

Thanks jcfischer,
Your case example was very helpful.
But still we haven’t managed to achieve the situation in which manager sees all users while user sees only the manager.

In addition, setting a room password programmatically (i.e using the api) doesn’t work. Can anyone think of reason for that?

That looks like the dangles :call_me_hand: