Room entering automatically with /Login

Hi all.
In my company and in tests phase for a final deploy, we have come with this problem:

  1. we have authentication for the moderator in place so every meeting should be waiting for the “i’m the moderator” acknowledgment / credential .

  2. It is supposed, when entering the jitsi-meet URL, to have the login page with the option to use an existing room or create one … and that was what was happening until recently .

  3. THE PROBLEM : It seems like someone was able to create a room named “Login” using /login, meaning:
    . suppose the main URL is something like https://example.xpt (which normally it translates to https://example.xpt/login ;
    . The problem is that someone was able to create a /login Room, so now, instead of seeing available rooms to choose or create one, i enter directly to a meeting (/login) and it doesn’t ask me if i’m the Host and, as far i can test, everyone enters directly to this “login” room .

  4. Trying to see how one can manage and delete rooms, the only answer i find is that when the last person leaves the room, it is deleted, and recreated when someone re-enters the same named room … so i’m in a loop and i don’t know how to solve this “/login” room situation .

weird place to be … Help please !

That login is a valid name for room, in the moment you open it you create a room.
Not sure what you want to do with that url, but it conflicts with jitsi-meet nginx rules, maybe you have a rule which needs to override those from jitsi-meet and that is not working.

hello again,
I didn’t create that login . i think it was created by mistake, by one of the testers .
What i want is to delete this specific room .
Don’t have a clue how to do it .
thank you for the support

If this is true, this means that participant is still in the meeting.

If you want to delete a meeting, enter the meeting, kick everybody and leave the meeting, as you are the last to leave that meeting will be automatically destroyed when you leave it.

the tester is a guy from my company . That’s not a issue.
My issue with your advice about kicking everybody out s that being the room named “login”, when people go to my company ‘jitsi-meet’ start page it recreates the “login” room . What workaround can i apply ? The ideal should be to simply “delete” such room name from the system …

i’ve already understood the logic of the last person leaving one room. My problem is that it’s being recreated automatically when accessing the main url page on account of the /login name .

I also don’t understand. You had a custom thing that should be shown under /login ? If this is the case you need to handle that in nginx config. Everything after the slash is treated as a request to enter a meeting whether it is ‘login’ or ‘roomname’, this is the name of the meeting:
If you want to treat that url not as a meeting, you need to override the rule from the link above and show the stuff you want.

(have some patience with me … as i said in other forum, i’m not a developer, but a virtalization and storage admin …) No, i don’t have custom page that should be shown . What is supposed to be available is the “standard” jitsi-meet page . Like this image :

WHAT HAPPENS IS THAT when you write the url to our jitsi-meet page “https://company.domain” the WEB-BROWSER translates to “company.domain**/login**” automatically . It’s not because we want to use the /login but that’s (i think) how the webserver responds to the request . So instead of having the pic above i have this instead:
because now “login” is considered a room (i don’t need that)
I want to see how to revert to what it shoul be (first pic) . Not sure the link yiu send me to see is what i need .

Hope i could clarify my problem
thank you .

Check your webserver config why it redirects to the /login url. This is not a standard behavior… no idea where it comes from, I would guess it is from the webserver config if you say it redirects you there.

hi. yes you’re right. Turn out to be a reverse proxy configuration trying to apply a grafana/influxdb/telegraf monotoring solution . I’m sorry because i made you waste time . My apologies. Jorge