Room Crashed when 3 People Connected

I follow the blog post


and we have successfully set up the scaling between multiple videobridges.
Conference participants lost their video images from the room.
Any help?

No erros in jicofo logs and aother logs

But I see one erron in web. attached.

did you first iron out the basic problems with a vanilla one server configuration, or did you straight out jump into multi jvb setup ?

vanilla server setup was working fine. We just tried to use the multi-video bridge. As we are moving to production.

@1423 You might want to harken to point #10 in this post - [TIP] Fastest Way To Get Support In The Forum

I checked the second tutorial and it’s outdated - no idea of websockets. Jitsi-meet is evolving fast, and even stable and unstable versions are currently very much out of sync and need different steps and you don’t seem to be aware of it.
Quick install by following prebaked stuff is appropriate for a single server setup, for multi servers you need good networking knowledge and more study and understanding. There is better stuff available I think (check @emrah’s posts and github repo for example), but click and run without understanding is ultimately a bad idea.