Room availability

Hello guys, I use the mobile SDK to connect to a room on my own jitsi installation, but I want to know if there is a way to know when there are not any more rooms availables, in other words when the video bridge has reach its maximum capacity?

Videobridge capacity isn’t determined by number of rooms, but rather by packet rate, which depends on number of audio and video senders (total and per room), which views are in use by receivers (tile/stage), resolution of video feeds, whether screen sharing is in use, etc …

You need to load test your system to determine the packet rate it can handle, and then set videobridge.load-management.load-measurements.{load,recovery}-threshold accordingly. JVB will then report a stress value of 1.0 when your load-threshold is reached.

To deny new rooms/participants when JVB has reached capacity, you could implement a custom BridgeSelectionStrategy in jicofo that fails when it can’t find a bridge with < 1.0 stress. AFAIK, the default ones will try to allocate a channel on the least-loaded bridge if they can’t find any bridge that is not overstressed.

You could also monitor the videobridge stress and make it available to your mobile app so that it can show a suitable message etc. JVB reports its stress in the XMPP “brewery” MUC, and it’s also available on the REST debug endpoint of the JVB.

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Thank you jbg, I’ll will work something then with that information.