Room activity statistics/ user activities


I have a project where I need to gather information about a rooms activity, like the speaker stats.
After a lot of research, I wasn’t able to figure out if there is already a way to persist those stats or preferably
serve them via an API.

I read already those stats are ephemeral and are not stored anywhere. I have my own jitsi-environment already set up and am able
to add any addon. Unfortunately, I am not able to code in lua yet, but during my research I found:

I guess this is sort of what I was looking for. But how is the data served?

The goal is to get the exact Info on how long user-type1 met user-type2 in the room.

The ideas is that you can add your custom lua code that will hit a service sending events, where you will collect them and do whatever computation with them, or show them …

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