Role based Jitsi setup


I wish to setup a meet-jitsi embed that can be used by 3 different kinds of users:

  • Moderator
  • Speaker
  • Guest

I have detailed the roles below


  • Should be able to Convert a guest to a speaker
  • Should be able to Convert a speaker to a guest
  • Should be able to broadcast their stream


  • Should be able to broadcast their stream


  • Should not be able to broadcast their audio/video stream
  • Should be able to receive speaker & moderator stream

I have gone through the Jicofo secure domain documentation. What I have understood from here is that I can setup a username/password kind of a deal which allows only authorized users to be able to begin a session.

Additionally I have also gone through the JWT token documentation. This feels like it is the right way forward but at the same time, I also see from config.js that only 2 types of domains can be configured - auth and anonymous. I also see that there are some properties of interest within config.json namely enableUserRolesBasedOnToken, enableFeaturesBasedOnToken and lockRoomGuestEnabled; but I just can’t seem to understand how to and if at all it is possible to put these things together in the fashion that I require.

Any advise would be appreciated.

Thanks for working on this great product.


You can take a look at the XMPP specification - it puts a limit on what you can do, but if Prosody implements all of this (I don’t know) you can go pretty far in extending Jitsi-meet.

Thanks a lot for pointing to that @gpatel-fr. Like you say, it looks like there are a lot of features in that spec that I could benefit from using.

I will wait to see if the core team replies with something too. And then decide on a path forward.

Bumping to see if any of the core team have any thoughts about this.

Thanks in advance

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@shrayasrdid you get any solution?

I like this idea as well. I know its not possible to do with the current setup, but if someone can point us in the correct direction we would be able to make it work.

@damencho can you help us?