Rocket + Jitsi - How setup authenticated and anonymous access together

Hi guys!

I’ve succesfully implemented the JWT Authentication from RocketChat to Jitsi, allowing only users coming from Rocket to succesfully create rooms.
Now I would like to let anonymous users who don’t have the token(e.g they have received the room link from an authenticated user) to join already existent rooms while still preventing them to create new ones.
Is it possible to do so? How?

I’m currently using prosody trunk 1186.

Thanks very much to anyone willing to help me.

No sorry, there is no such option.

not even by using the guest domain and the authenticated domain features?

This is possible, but you need to disable jwt.

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If I disable JWT which other method of authentication Is it possible to use? LDAP? CAS?

Whatever is supported by prosody and following:
There are people from the community using LDAP, there are problems during setup I had seen, but know some are using it, but I have no experience with those.

Thanks for your reply and help. What if I do some scripting to allow that function of guest accessing only already created rooms? I think you stated something about that in this other thread: