Right config behind an external nginx reverse proxy? Who know the solution?

Hi all,

If someone could hep to find the right config for external reverse proxy, you are more than welcome!!!

For the head reverse proxy, my ip is :
For the Jitsi machine, my ip is :

99% of the “resolvers”, in the forum, are talking about their embedded config on classic proxy… but the usual need in any serious company is running behind an external reverse prory (2 different IPs with only 1 public IP).

In this case, the issue is not only on the external proxy (
There is also an existing nginx server autoconfig running on the jitsi machine in this case ( when you are installing. Every config I’ve found here are not talking about this basic problems…

1/ If you’re installing the Jitsi machine and providing the infos the automatic install is asking you (, you will have to make a choice between installing a self auto-generated certificate or a let’sencrypt certificate on the Jitsi machine… But in the case with an external reverse proxy(, you need to install the letsencrypt certificate… ON THE REVERSE PROXY ITSELF . If not, any config you want is not going to run at all. You will only obtain an error 502 with the gateway.

2/ And if you are installing the self auto-generate certificate on the jitsi machine (, of course you CAN’T have another certificate on the reverse proxy (10.0 1.1)… This does not work.

3/ Of course, the most biggest issue with Jitsi is running an external reverse proxy. YOU SHOULD HAVE TO MODIFY/ADAPT THE INTERNAL JITSI NGINX CONFIG… BEHIND AN EXTERNAL REVERSE PROXY.

Can someone give us here a correct external reverse proxy config ( running perfectly with a correct nginx Jitsi serverconfig ( This would defuntly answer the same 50 same questions I’ve seen in the forum !!!

Thanks !!! :roll_eyes:

No one huh :frowning: I’m stucking with that too

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