Riddle Me This. Any ideas?

I am currently running sessions with static room names. We just started to experience an issue when a user logs in with their room name (as an example: Loading...). The moderator starts the room and the guest cannot connect. It shows that the room has not started yet.

I then change the room name to (as an example: Loading...) and start the room and the guest sees the room up.

I then go back to the old room name (Loading...) and the guest sees the room hasn’t started yet. I revert back to (as an example: Loading...) and move on. It appears that I am no longer able to use (as an example: Loading...) because the room is considered ‘destroyed’ and is no longer available. However, I can still log in as a moderator and start the room, the guest is unable to connect due to the room ‘not started yet’ which is what the guest sees.

3 days later I go back to my account, revert back to the original name (as an example: Jitsi.com/RoomName1) and the room works.

This leads me to believe this is a caching issue. For some reason (and I am by no means an expert), that the cache was cleared and the room is now shown as active. We have restarted prosody and still get this error. We felt restarting Jitsi and Prosody we were able to clear the cache.

Does Jitsi store room names? Can cache be the reason this is happening?
jitsi-videobridge2 2.1-376
JVB 2.1.36
Jicofo version 1.1

The only caching is the session in the local storage so you don’t need to authenticate on every room … so to avoid that use a incognito window …
Or it can be some bug in jicofo but many things changed since Oct 2020, as your deployment is using versions from that period …

Thank you as always. We’ve been running without any issues and this started happening this past week. What is the latest and most stable version of jicofo we should be using?

Hum, then that’s strange … which version of prosody is this?

Well updating to latest stable regularly is always a good idea.