Reviving Jirecon

Hi community,
I’ve been looking into Jirecon (link below) as a recording solution of separate streams inside a JVB. Has anyone done this with the current versions of Jitsi?

For those unfamiliar, Jirecon records all the separate streams and metadata of each stream into a folder on the JVB. It predates Jibri.

@damencho @gpatel-fr @Boris_Grozev

This was abandoned 7-8 years ago. So you need to invest a lot of time reviving it. Since then a lot of things had changed. I don’t think it has any error correction mechanisms, probably and the bandwidth estimation mechanisms will need to be implemented …
You will have more luck with GitHub - avstack/gst-meet: Connect GStreamer pipelines to Jitsi Meet conferences

Awesome thanks. Yeah I know it was abandoned. We need a solution to save all the single streams of a conference into files.

We’ll look into it.
Thanks again Damian

Yeah, but it was abandoned in a period when there was no simulcast, and no bandwidth estimations … and jitsi-meet was less than a year old :slight_smile:

No Simulcast!? now that’s heavy :slight_smile: