Reverse proxy KeepAliveRequests

Hi all,
we have had some connection errors lately with our jitsi infrastructure. We now set the KeepAliveTimout in our apache reverse proxy form 5 to 65 (according to the value of the jitsi nginx setting). Unfortunately our jitsi infrastructure still has long response times, when many participants want to join. We use the latest version (6726 with docker containers).
Are there any recommendations for other apache values (e.g. KeepAliveRequests)?
I would be very grateful for help.

How many joins per second are you having, when the problems begin?

I can´t say something about the exact joins but we experiencing the problems when our overall participants go from 50 to 100 within some minutes. After that we get “Connection error” messages.

You are likey overwhelming Prosody. Do you see anything in its logs?

I cant´s see any errors in docker logs (only “Client connected”, “Client disconnected”, …).