Return Datatype of 'toggleRaiseHand'

We used to get boolean as a return from Iframe Api: api.executeCommand(‘toggleRaiseHand’)
But now we get an integer. Any idea what is the return datatype?
We are using (jitsi-meet version 2.0.6589-1)
Also, any idea how to disable the laughing, clamping, etc emoji of the hand-raised button?

Thank you in advance

should be this

     if (typeof APP !== 'undefined') {
-        APP.API.notifyRaiseHandUpdated(participantId, raisedHand);
+        APP.API.notifyRaiseHandUpdated(participantId, raisedHandTimestamp);


commit 4b7a6741fa404ce980fab4e697eeb495c8dc64f0
Author: Horatiu Muresan <>
Date:   Thu Oct 21 12:40:57 2021 +0300

    feat(raised-hand) Change `raisedHand` to a timestamp instead of boole… (#10167)
    - this was needed for sorting the raised hand participants in participants pane in
    the order they raised their hand also for participants joining late

‘modern API’ means really ‘we changed the implementation, so we had to change the API’

Thank you Freddie. It’s working. I could not find it in my .config.js file. I have been using an old file with
// Enables reactions feature.
//enableReactions: true,

Much appreciated gpatel-fr!