Retranslate JitsiRemoteTrack from one JitsiConference to second JitsiConference using lib-jitsi-meet

I’m trying to build custom Jitsi frontend using lib-jitsi-meet. There is user that connects to two rooms - 1 and 2, user needs to select remote tracks from another user in room 2 and forward / retranslate to room 1 as his own tracks. Is it possible? Is it possible to achieve something similar?

I create two JitsiConnection objects to the same server:

var connection1 = new JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection(null, null, options);
connection1.addEventListener(, onConnectionSuccess1);


var connection2 = new JitsiMeetJS.JitsiConnection(null, null, options);
connection2.addEventListener(, onConnectionSuccess2);

In onConnectionSuccess1:

room1 = connection1.initJitsiConference('room1', confOptions);
room1.on(, onRemoteTrack1);
// setup of other listeners

In onConnectionSuccess2:

room2 = connection2.initJitsiConference('room2', confOptions);
// setup of other listeners

in onRemoteTrack1:

 if (isTrackToForward(trackInRoom1)) {

I got all kinds of errors when room2.addTrack(remoteTrackInRoom1). How to convert trackInRoom1 which is remote stream to something I can ingest to room2 as stream from this special user?