Restrict unwanted room creation


I would like to know if we can restrict users to create a new random room in jitsi.
only moderator should allow to create room and other users can just join but they shouldn’t allowed to create a new room by just changing room name.
is there any setting or config available for this scenario ?

Yes, you need to enable “secure domain” aka authentication, with guest support. See: Secure Domain setup | Jitsi Meet

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If you need mode advanced control (such as a Jitsi admin panel) you may try galaxy.

I can’t have guest support available because for me, each user will have jwt authentication and I have to disable guest. so that, the one who doesn’t have jwt can’t access the application at all.
but I want a configuration or maybe a plugins, which can allow just moderators to create room and all other user even with jwt can’t create a new room themselves. other user definitely won’t be having moderator rights and attribute in jwt token.

Who will be owner if I use this plugin?
moderator or 1st person who started the meeting ?
In my current jwt based authentication, it is possible that 1st person who join may or may not be a moderator.

It doesn’t decide who will be moderator