Restrict_room_creation doesn't work

I’ve a problem…
My configuration restrict_room_creation doesn’t work. I defined it as admin in /etc/prososdy/prosody.cfg.lua (-> picture below)
I hoped to find the mistake in the corresponding function but I didn’t find any mistake…

If someone knows what I’m doing wrong, I would be happy about any type of help.

PS: Jitsi is running on an Linux Debian VM on a local Server.

Greetings lukas

This doesn’t have any effect in jitsi-meet as the one creating the room is always jicofo.

is there any possibility to get such function in jitsi-meet?

Isn’t this what you want:

Yes it was that what I wanted but at the first look i thought that its not possible to set passwords for guests. But if you just set 'authentication = “internal_plain” ’ it works.

So thank you for the help :slight_smile:


I have installed Jitsi, a straight forward process. However I want to keep it from being abused in terms of not letting just anyone creating rooms. is your link above the only solution?

It is true that the configuration of jicofo seems pretty hard.
However using the docker instance, it is really straightforward to achieve the goal.

Quoting the readme:

" Authentication

Authentication can be controlled with the environment variables below. If guest access is enabled, unauthenticated users will need to wait until a user authenticates before they can join a room. If guest access is not enabled, every user will need to authenticate before they can join."

I confirm that by setting Authenticate and Guest to 1, only user with credential can create room and anyone can them access it.

Good afternoon, could you be more specific about this issue?