Restrict_room_creation doesn't work

I’ve a problem…
My configuration restrict_room_creation doesn’t work. I defined it as admin in /etc/prososdy/prosody.cfg.lua (-> picture below)
I hoped to find the mistake in the corresponding function but I didn’t find any mistake…

If someone knows what I’m doing wrong, I would be happy about any type of help.

PS: Jitsi is running on an Linux Debian VM on a local Server.

Greetings lukas

This doesn’t have any effect in jitsi-meet as the one creating the room is always jicofo.

is there any possibility to get such function in jitsi-meet?

Isn’t this what you want:

Yes it was that what I wanted but at the first look i thought that its not possible to set passwords for guests. But if you just set 'authentication = “internal_plain” ’ it works.

So thank you for the help :slight_smile:


I have installed Jitsi, a straight forward process. However I want to keep it from being abused in terms of not letting just anyone creating rooms. is your link above the only solution?