RestFul API For Jitsi


We are trying build a web chat interface (related COVID 19) and considering Jitsi for this. We are wondering if there is any RestFul interface available. I’ve seen a restful link in however the link is not opening.


There is a REST interface to the bridge:

I think it is a better way to look at the js lib

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Thanks damecnho and bengamin… our requirement is to send the user a link of the video confirmation. Something like: You will meet with the Doctor by phone/video. At [2:15pm], open the URL[id].

How this can be achieved?

Thanks damencho, is there any live web API to use? or we have to build and deploy this api ? how does it work with meet.jitsi?

The id is just any name of the conference. So just create an id in your application and use https://hostname/id. If the conference not exits, jicofo will automatically create one.

Thanks benjamin… so it looks like we have to host that api… right? nothing is available as live?

Not really, you can use If privacy is important, you should host jitsi-meet on your own.

I was able to start a conf with my id using https://hostname/id. Is there anyway I can be notified when someone joins the conference? any API?

if you wana do something specific for yourself , just install jitsi search for jitsi dock on github
follow the steps u will see how to deploy a webserver for jitsi hosting and then u will need a domain deploy the domain inside then ur personal jitsi room will be ready