Rest API for Jitsi remote server

I have a web-app which allows users to sign up and login, and do stuff. I want to add Jitsi to it but I don’t want to do iframe. What I want to do is:

  1. Allowing users to create a room (and the room should be created on jitsi when user creates the room inside the app)
  2. The user who created the room must become a moderator.
  3. Other users should be able to be redirected to jitsi when they see the room.

So, how is that possible? Is there any rest API available for this?


There is no such thing as creating a room so you do not need an API for it, the first to join creates the room. Default installation assigned the first that joins as a moderator, if that participant reloads a new one is assigned.

Thanks. What about sending users from a remote origin?

What about it, you load a new URL in a new window/tab…

I think I didn’t explain it clearly.
Imagine I have the username “example” here, then I want to join a jitsi room through a link, without seeing that input for username and when I join the room, I see “example” as my name on the session.

You need to configure your deployment to use jwt tokens, and you will put the username inside the jwt token.

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