Rest API endpoint /colibri/conferences missing in release 2.0.8044 on videobridge?

In Release 2.0.7882 the videobridge colibri API would provide information about conferences:

if enabled on the videobridge, one could do for example:
curl http://localhost:8080/colibri/conferences

in Release 2.0.8044 this yields 404.
/colibri/stats still works as expected.

Has this been removed or does this need aditional configuration in latest release?
As long as stats works and the jicofo endpoint its optional anyways i guess, just wondering

though i just realised that also stats is missing on the videobridge:
→ also yields 404

Error 404 Not Found

HTTP ERROR 404 Not Found

URI: /colibri/stats/
MESSAGE: Not Found
SERVLET: org.glassfish.jersey.servlet.ServletContainer-529cfee5

Powered by Jetty:// 11.0.10

@Boris_Grozev what is the colibri v2 stats endpoint?


I enabled the APIs in the jvb.conf → now it works again. This must been ignored/hardcoded ($OPTS?) in the past?

setting enabled to true worked

  # The APIs by which the JVB can be controlled
  apis {
    xmpp-client {
      configs {
        # Connect to the first XMPP server
        xmpp-server-1 {
          domain = ""
          username = "jvb"
          password = "****"
          muc_jids = ""
          # The muc_nickname must be unique across all jitsi-videobridge instances
          muc_nickname = "unique-instance-id2"
          disable_certificate_verification = false
    rest {
      enabled = true
    jvb-api {
      enabled = true

→ in the past these were enabled for me by some other means it seems (were set to false but api worked)

Sorry for the fuzz, maybe this helps someone else → i became aware about it because of messages in the (inofficial) jitsi irc channel on

Well, those were enabled using /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config and we migrated those to use the jvb.conf, but as it was explicitly disabled there it stopped working for you. I’m not sure, but we did not have a default config with that disabled …

ah, yes thanks, I see that this was initially set via JVB_OPTS. That explains that.

Yes, /colibri/conferences was part of the Colibri V1 REST API, which was removed with the rest of Colibri v1.

The Colibri v2 REST API is at /colibri/v2/conferences, but it doesn’t currently support GET on that URL, because we weren’t sure what the semantic/use case for it would be.

@snek, can you explain what you were using /colibri/conferences for? And if it’s working for you, are you sure you’re using the latest JVB? It has indeed been removed.

@snek one question, though - Was that an update from 2.0.7882 to 2.0.8044. Or this was a new install and you are manually editing the configs with some automation or something?
There is a code that should migrate the configs from /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config to /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf …


that was an update from 2.0.7882 to 2.0.8044 but not with the debian/default installer and i must have missed that step in the postinst scripts or like. So my described issue was completely self made.

I will ask the person in irc if they have a custom install too or the installer missed something and report back.


The Debian Installer worked as expected for the person in IRC, the /stats api worked, settings were migrated properly in the update progress. Only the /colibri/conferences is missing (same for me)

Hi guys,

We also noticed that /colibri/conferences is no longer working.

In our use case we use it to monitor the meetings (bandwidth, number of users, etc). If it’s no longer available in jvb2 than what should we use instead to get detailed info from the conferences?


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@Jonathan_Lennox can we easily add that info back?

I do use /colibri/stats to monitor bandwith, total users/conferences etc. not sure if it can replace conferences but it has some data

Good point, thank you @snek.
@pdarcos can you see will that work for you, and report back what you see as missing there?

Ok thanks. Will try that and report back if there’s any key metric missing