Response of kicked out

Hi community,

we have a problem working with the kicked out functionality: nowadays, we are receiving the response of this action like this:

Checking the http-bind of Jitsi, we notice some changes related with jid and actor labels:

We want to know who is the responsable to generate the actor tag inside of item and if you know in which version the change was made it.

This is standard xmpp protocol and is coming from prosody.

Thank you for your response, @damencho

We are running our installation using prosody 0.10.0 and we can’t see any actor tag in the response. Documentation says “The optional inclusion of the reason and actor enable the kicked user to understand why he or she was kicked”, so I wonder if you know how to enable this actor tag in this version or if this is a feature introduced in 0.11.x version of prosody.

Thank your for your time.


One difference between 0.10 and 0.11 is that the muc module was completely rewritten.
We were always using this rewritten module either by using prosody-trunk (before 0.11 was released) or with 0.11 version itself.

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Thank you @damencho. Updating prosody solved our problem.