Resolved: Weird windows pop-up when desktop app put in background (always on top feature)

Hey guys,

I am seeing this weird issue where a popup appears when I put my desktop app in background. I have my own windows electron desktop app and I use jitsi-meet-electron-utils package for always on top feature.

I see a comment in below link where it says, Intentionally open about:blank.

Note: This is happening only on windows and not mac.

Not sure, if that is causing the popup or something else. Interesting thing is, I used jitsi meet electron app and it doesn’t seem to appear on it. Can some one help me out? The popup is bit frustrating. Thanks in advance!

Screenshot 2021-06-30 at 3.28.32 PM

@damencho / @saghul do you guys have any idea on this? Would appreciate your response!

Are you using callstats we had reports that on some machine, but macs, something similar is happening because of wifistats that are reported to callstats.

No, we are not using call stats. Btw, We have speaker stats enabled (not sure if that’s what you refer to as call stats)

This seems to be happening after enabling Always on top feature.

May I know how jitsi electron blocks this intentional window opening from jitsi meet electron utils as shown in git link above?

Sorry I’m not familiar with that and what that means, maybe check git blame and ask on github the author of those lines.

Ok Sure. Let me try that out. Thanks Damian!

@Hristo_Terezov Created this issue on git. It will be great if you or someone can help out here. Thanks!