RESOLVED - Unable to start meeting (in standard Firefox window)

Hey all,

So I’m running into a really weird issue. Whenever I try to start a Jitsi meeting in a regular Firefox window, I’m immediately prompted that I have been disconnected and need to rejoin. This continues until I back out of the meeting. However, if I open up a private Firefox window I am able to start a meeting without any issues.

I also tried to replicate this issue in Google Chrome (via a regular window and an incognito window). Both Google Chrome windows were able to start the meetings without any issues. Same thing goes for the Edge browser.

I figured that there was a cookie, cache, or a setting that was then based on the Firefox browser itself. So, I deleted all cookies, cache, and even reset the Firefox browser to clear out any data. After doing this, I am still unable to create a meeting in a regular Firefox browser window.

Additionally, I am not being prompted if I am the host of the meeting.

Does anyone have any guidance to resolve this?


I’m presuming this is a self-hosted instance, right?
It sounds like you have some settings in your Firefox that are breaking the connection. Those settings are apparently not implemented in incognito mode and that’s why you’re able to connect like that. Maybe try uninstalling Firefox completely and re-installing (IF you absolutely have to use Firefox)?

Yes it is.

That’s what I’m thinking as well, but I can’t figure out what exactly it is.

I was able to figure it out after trial and error. It appears that uBlock Origin (ad blocker) was stopping Jitsi from some task it was trying to complete. After I disabled it for my conference site, all was well.

Thanks for the help. Hopefully someone can find this useful in the future.

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