[Resolved] New install - videobridge missing from jicofo

Hi hello, I am looking for some documentation pointers so I can understand jitsi meet better and be more skilled at debugging it. I’ll give a light overview of my situation, but what I really want are some resources so I can better understand the project. Maybe there is an RFC somewhere that I haven’t found.

I’m doing a from scratch install on archlinux, which I’ve done successfully before in the past, but before some of the new MUC features have been added. I’ve been stuck on a bug for some time now; jicofo doesn’t see the videobridge being connected to prosody.

When the second participant joins the meeting the jicofo log says
Failed to select initial bridge for participantRegion=null
Can not invite participant – no bridge available

However, the videobridge logs have healthy checks and prosody has repeating presence update for jvbbrewery@internal.auth.meet every 5 seconds or so, which makes me think it is in fact connected.

When jicofo starts it prints a warning
No dedicated Service XMPP connection configured. Falling back to the client XMPP connection for JVB MUC
Using org.jitsi.jicofo.bridge.SingleBridgeSelectionStrategy

Where can I read more about the new JVB MUC behaviour and how jvb communicates with jicofo? How can I better see what the videobridge is trying to do? It doesn’t print explicitly that it’s registered with prosody.

From what I understand so far, the support for multiple videobridges connecting to an internal prosody muc is becoming the new default for configuration since it supports dynamic adding/removing of videobridges to a jitsi-meet server.

Thank-you for your time and patience

This is exactly what I needed!


Cheers Damian, you do amazing work

Jitsi Videobridge can run behind a NAT, provided that both required ports are routed (forwarded) to the machine that it runs on. By default these ports are TCP/4443 and UDP/10000.
If you do not route these two ports, Jitsi Meet will only work with video for two people, breaking upon 3 or more people trying to show video!