Resolved: List of limits in Jitsi

Hello Community!

First of all, thanks for your work with this awesome tool. We’ve been able to finish our project and are working on the release. It was super working with this beautiful tool.

I know similar questions have been asked, but just wanted to see if we have the number of limitations in Jitsi right. And in addition clarify a few things.

List of limits

  • jvb can handle up to 75 users (hard limit - reply by @damencho ). Though ~30 is the recommended sweet spot
  • prosody can handle up to 250 conferences (citation needed). Adding two prosodies - one in front of the jvbs and one in front of the users - can potentially increase this number (citation needed)1


  • How jibri impacts these numbers? Our system will have the people presenting the conference connected to jitsi and the viewers playing back from the streaming. So virtually every conference will have one jibri. Does this decrease the number of conferences prosody is able to held?
  • What are the limits in jicofo?
  • How does octo affects these numbers? Is the number of users in a conference greater if we enable octo?


1 I remember hearing this in one of the community calls but could not find it written anywhere

Again, thank you so much for this wonderful tool!

Hello @acruz we have interest in also understanding better some of these limits so that we can better scale our services. I hope you can get some more information on this.

This is not true. There is a limit set on that does not allow more than 75 people to enter a conference. There is no hard limit for jvb. We had implemented few things in the UI and backend to improve performance so 75-100 participant call with lastN set to 20-30 is performing pretty well.

Not sure where is this number coming from, but this can be 250*2 participant calls or 250*20 participants, so you should better look for a number of participants, cause this is what matters when it comes to prosody. And on we are able to handle few thousands of concurrent participants on one prosody.

You can count jibri as one client, not sending audio or video.

In my opinion, jicofo and prosody linup together, how much you can handle with one prosody that is not a problem to jicofo.

The number of participants that can join a single conference will change when you enable octo.

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Thank you so much @damencho ! It really helps.


  1. How can we find the limit of users in prosody?
  2. Do you have an idea on how many more users per bridge with octo enabled? Any way to figure that in our hardware?

In practice :slight_smile: Or load it with participants and look at the CPU usage, at what point it will hit 100% on the core it uses. I was using to do some load …

What do you mean? If you enable octo and have 20-30 bridges you can make conferences with 150 participants. There is no magic number saying x number of participants as all depends on the size of the conferences. I normal usage without big conferences a bridge can handle hundreds of participants …

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Wow, that is a new tool for me.

Will use it. Thank you so much for your answers @damencho! It really helps us to clarify a lot of things.

@damencho question regarding the project you have to do some load (jxs). We tried to implement it but apparently it only works with websockets (according to this issue). Is that the case?

We are using a plugin for prosody that we developed ourselves to handle authentication of the users. We tried to upgrade prosody to the latest version to enable websockets as well, but we found a couple of things that are not working (for example, when a user leaves the conference he is never marked as gone). So we cannot really upgrade to use websockets without a lot of refactors in other plugins too.

Is there any other way that you know that we can use to add load to prosody?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Latest 0.11 have some performance optimizations and we are using it with no problems…


Could you please help me how I can enable octo properly? Could you please help me out here?

Currently I have docker deployment with one jvb with other components in one machine, and I have another jvb in another machine.

I have set SplitBridgeSelectionStrategy. I expected that participants in the same conference will join to both jvbs in round robin fashion. But I found that only one jvb is getting all the participants of a conference. When the second conference starts simultaneously, the participants of the second conference are joining in the second jvb.

Could you please help guiding some suggestions in this regard so that I can enable octo properly?