[RESOLVED] Joining without webcam disables other's video


Recently i tried the latest jitsi-meet on meet.jit.si and saw a weird behavior.

  1. Lets say there is a meeting with 2 persons that i try to join on meet.jit.si.
  2. I remove my webcam so i have no micro and no camera.
  3. Once i hit enter and the browser (Chrome/Chromium) is loading the page i wont interact with it

The result is: i see no video of the others. But if i have had webcam plugged, i see the others without problem.
This is linked for sure with the user gesture and autoplay policy of Chrome. However no problem of kind seen in older versions of jitsi-meet.

Here is a capture of the bug.


Anyone else can confirm this issue please!

I can’t reproduce it (I tried), but how about trying to use the --autoplay-policy=no-user-gesture-required switch as stated in the linked google page ?

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Wow, this is more weird, using the switch changes noting (i expected it would), but if i keep clicking on the page before it shows the videos, it works.

@gpatel-fr, can you tell me your version of the broswer pls?

Chromium 87.0 installed with snap on Ubuntu 18

@Arthur_TOUMASSIAN did you join without prejoin screen? The prejoin screen will force you to have user interaction.
I suspect that if there is no webrtc capture done on the page and no other interaction then the autoplay-policy kicks in and does not start the videos … and basically there is nothing we can do, other than forcing the user to click so the videos to start … and prejoin screen is such an opportunity …

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yes that’s good idea :slight_smile: . Will try that
Is there a way to detect this and recall play ? Because we receive the data, its juste playback issue?

Yeah this is a good workaround thanks !

Well, not really, you need to show a button and ask the user to click it so there is a user interaction to do the play …

Yes, preJoin interface is good enough.
Thank you