RESOLVED: Configure Turn in Kubernetes inside VPC

Hi @acruz, I have the same infrastructure that you describe, but in my case, the UDP 30300 with NLB is not working, so when 3 or more users try to use, jitsi not transmit audio and video. Could you tell me where I configure/set the NLB endpoint (DNS) inside a JVB? I think this is what is missing to works. Thanks!

I’m sorry I did not reply.

We were unable to use NLB due to limitations on the target groups. So we ended up assigning the JVB pods (we have 4 jvb per node) in nodes with public IPs and configuring the pod so it exposes the port in the node itself, hopefully that helps you.

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For co-turn we ended up doing like this:

turn pod listening in 443 → service listening in 443 → ingress binding a target group listening in a random high ephemeral port with the NLB in 443

Thanks for reply! I will try another solution besides NLB

Dear @devops002 , what did you end up using?

Unfortunately we aborted the idea of running on EKS for now, it was demanding a lot of time. But soon we’ll try again. Thanks for ask.