Resolution to small

Hi everybody,

yesterday I installed a Jitsi server. While it works the participants resolution is way too small.
I red through this forum and I could find a missing setting as a root cause as well as CPU or bandwith limitations on both client and server side.

Unfortunately none of those are the root cause of my issue.

My data:

Bandwidth 592 Mbps download, 366 Mbps upload
CPU usage: 1%

Client A:
Bandwidth 382 Mbps download, 48 Mbps upload
CPU usage: 55%
Sending stats:
Connection: Good
Down: 2660kb Up: 1778kb
At only 640x360

Client B:
Bandwith 62 Mbps download, 14 Mbps upload
CPU usage 11%
Sending stats:
Connection: Good
Up 1778 Kb, Down 2676kb
At 960x720

As you can see, Client A should be faster than Client B but only sends in SD quality.
Yesterday night I tried with a smartphone plus a Macbook Pro at a full-GB connection and got even less (360).

Setting “Resolution: 720” is set in config.js

I can’t see any bottle neck here…

Can anybody help? How can I enhance the video quality?