Resolution low with latest release :(

After upgrading to latest jitsi-meet, with the same configs as before (checking main html which includes both config js files), the resolution is much lower and the server more unstable. Do you know by any chance how can i downgrade with apt / aptitude ?

I have the same exact issue!
First one to get a good answer tells the other one, Please!

(My post: URGENT - Low image quality after update)

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Go take a look at my post, I found a (temporary?) solution that fixes the issue

Disabling simulcast is not the solution.
@Nicolae_Marasoiu, can you give us more details about your setup and the issue you are facing ? what settings are you using in config.js ? Are you specifying 1080 for the video constraints ?

Look in my previous post, the constraints used are there… And still, the output looked horrible with Simulcast On… I doubt that the issues are in the config.js file.

Have you tried with 720p?

Yes, same or worst results!.. I can retry for sanity check.