Resolution issues while screensharing

Screensharing is blurry for participants with Full HD or higher resolutions, since Jitsi is downsampling the resolution (capped at 720p).
Also, noticed that when user shares a screen with his camera on => shared screen is blurry
If he turns off his webcam and only shares a screen => shared screen is sharper

Could you please advise on issue ? Thanks!

Anyone ?

We also observe that with more participants in the meeting the chance is higher that the screensharing resolution gets worse as seen at all participants.

Any chance to tel Jitsi that screensharing should NOT be downsampled?

@rasos I have tried different ways throught config.js , no effect on quality

Actually, it would be good to know if it is generally possible to make corrections on downsampling process throught some kind of configs\constraints or jitsi does not currently has the functionality to increase the quality of the stream and we need to hardcode an issue