Resolution doesn't change from 1280x720 in P2P calls for low upload bandwidth connections


When we are testing P2P connections, we observe connectivity issues and one side stops getting video. We always see the resolution stuck at 1280x720 even on chrome. When a 3rd participant joins the call, everybody starts to see each other because the connection goes via jvb and we can see that even with 100kbps uploads, one can send video with low frame rate and low resolutions like 180p…

What may be the reason that p2p doesn’t change resolution or frame rate during P2P calls and especially in low upload bandwidth cases?


When i set " useStunTurn: true," in the config, i started to be able to send video to the opponent even my upload bitrate was 50-100kbps… This time instead of a stopped video and network connectivity msg, i can send my video with lower resolutions and lower frame rates as expected…

So the question is, why with the default installation of jitsi-meet, video is stuck at 1280x720 resolution in P2P connections unless opening useStunTurn: true ???

Is there any other way to achieve this, or this is the only way and this is the expected behaviour of jitsi? i couldn’t find any explanation in community about this…


I don’t have good explanation to that, but can tell you how p2p works, we exchange the sdp and open the peer connections and leave both chrome instances to directly communicate, this includes stats for send/receive so they can adjust their bandwidth/resolution or whatever is needed, in other words, nothing special is done on our side regarding resolution other than the initial opening of the connection…

Just enabling stun/turn does not mean it is used in the connection, are you sure you are using turn? What does the UI says, is turn in use?

Hi Damencho,

UI says just (p2p) no turn…
Actually I have another issue, Turn Configuration ; i’d appreciate if you can have a look at it and comment… I am still trying to enable Turn…
i want to make it work with mod_turncredentials.lua but did not succeed…

Also with static parameters, i am unable to see turn in webrtc-internas page, just google stun…
p2p: {
// Enables peer to peer mode. When enabled the system will try to
// establish a direct connection when there are exactly 2 participants
// in the room. If that succeeds the conference will stop sending data
// through the JVB and use the peer to peer connection instead. When a
// 3rd participant joins the conference will be moved back to the JVB
// connection.
enabled: true,

    // Use XEP-0215 to fetch STUN and TURN servers.
     useStunTurn: true,

    // The STUN servers that will be used in the peer to peer connections
    stunServers: [

// { urls: ‘’ },
// { urls: ‘’ },
// { urls: ‘’ }
{ urls: ‘’,credential: ‘user’, password: ‘pass’ }