Resetting und reinstalling

Hello. The jitsi application worked fine until a few weeks ago on my Samsung s9. Now I hear nothing and the other participants don’t hear me. One exception that may or not significative. The other day when there were only two of us were in the conversation it worked but when the third person joined I lost the sound again. I would like to reset and start again but even after deleting the data, uninstalling the app and reinstalling. I see that my list of previous conversations remains. So obviously not all of the data has been cleared.

So my questions are.

  1. anyone else having this sound problem ?
  2. any fix?
  3. Any help on deleting the settings and starting from scratch ?

I am using version 20.6.2


Just a little update. I found out that I had a samsung setting that said automatically restore setting after reinstalling an app. I have diactivated thay and I now have a clean install. And guess what? It fixed my problem. Still a mystery why it stopped working before. Sorry for the trouble.
Well I hope this helps other users anyway.