Reset video size when iframe resized

I need to find a way to resize the video captured when the window the iframe sits in is resized.
Since the width is 100%, if folows that nicely, but the height of the capture area is fixed to the one set when the api is instantiated.

This is options object:

	const options= {
		roomName: v[0],
		width: "100%",height:window.innerHeight,
		parentNode: document.querySelector('body'),

Videos are only cropped to the space for display, not on the source, so if you make your iframe larger you should see more video.

Maybe I’m spec’ info the height wrong somehow. It won’t accept 100% like the width. The width behaves perfectly

Alternatively, I can find the new size dynamically, but is there a way to set the height parameter while the app is runnng, with someting like:

window.onresize=function() {

Maybe try to add a div called “meeting” and style it inline instead of setting width and height from the iframe API.

Thanks for the suggestion. This seemed to work:

	window.onresize=function() {