Reservations with JWT Auth- Can't rejoin room

I was using Jitsi with the reservation and everything was working as expected.

I recently set up authentication to work via JWT (so that logged in users in my application were the only ones who could start a room). I also allowed guests so that after a room is created, an anonymous user can join the room.

Authentication works fine when I create the room as a logged in authenticated user via iFrame. But then I exit the browser tab with the iFrame and noticed that the Jitsi reservation system is no longer sending a DELETE request to the app’s reservation system (although it does show Jicofo disposed the conference room). In addition, when I attempt to recreate the room as the same logged in authenticated user using the same room name as before, I get Reservation error: 3.

Checking the logs, it looks like Jicofo sees the authenticated user as UUID@meet.jitsi. This UUID is different when the same authenticated user attempts to create the same room a second time. Jicofo gives the Reservation error below:
Room, conflict : 19c69977-a7f7-4b85-a253-22c2d323d5fd@meet.jitsi != 108f8a97-1268-4c01-b467-7b2890efbef8@meet.jitsi

It seems that Jitsi is eitherretaining the first room’s information (associating the room name with the first authenticated user’s UUID), or that the first room was never properly deleted by Jitsi even though no users were logged in anymore. Has anyone else ran into this same issue while using the reservatoin system with JWT authentication? Thanks!

Note: I am using the lobby and pre-join page if that helps