Requirements for the Jitsi

My laptop specs are CPU AMD A-10 4600M APU(quad core) GPU:ATI RADEON 7660G+7670M Dual,RAM 8 GB(7.47 usable). Can I use Jitsi with these specifications?
Will I have lags?
If yes,does that mean my laptop is weak?

I really need your help and I would like an answer!

Please have a look at the guide: Jitsi Meet Install Guide for Ubuntu 18.04 on

Basically bandwidth matters much more than the specification of your computer. If you have a stable broadband connection and plan to have a meeting with a couple of people, it should be fine.

I’ll update that to a ‘good’ broadband connection. In my country fiber comes in all forms - I know someone who has ‘optic fiber’ and said that the ISP had ‘doubled’ performance due to epidemic crisis but when testing it found that the ‘doubled’ amounted to 200Mbits download and 16Mbits upload. Even for a couple of friends 16 Mbits upload is not great. And in this case 200/16 Mbits is only a temporary goodie. I know people with other fiber provider who got up to 100Mbits upload. But there is absolutely no warranty at all in the TOS for any provider in my country. For something written in a contractual document you need a VPS.

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