Requirements for remote control use

Hi there,

Just setup jitsi-meet on an Ubuntu server for my company. That went very smooth - hats off for that!
I’m now trying to find out if/how remote control on desktop/window sharing is supported. Have tried various setups but haven’t seen any indication of a remote control ability.

Have been looking around this forum, github issues, also for the electron client, but so far haven’t found concrete recent info on this. Must be overlooking something, may be the lockdown is getting to my head…

Any pointers here? We’re a Linux shop, running Ubuntu on the desktop, usually with firefox but Chrome definitely is an option, as is using the electron app.

Thank you!

Based on my quick test:

a.) the person sharing the screen must be using the Jitsi electron app
b.) the person taking control can do so via a browser

It looks like the app is available for Linux (as well as macOS and others), but I only tested the macOS client.

Hi Neil. Thanks for the quick reply! Indeed it works as you describe, also when the electron app runs on Ubuntu :+1: I previously tried that setup but overlooked the option to take control in the hamburger menu. Your info made me look better.
Cool, exit Zoom here :smiley:

Hi i am looking for remote control over jitsi meet webclient and not on electron …is there any way pls

@Prasad, There is no such feature.

Hi, so basically it needs jitsi electron app you meant

remote support is currently disabled for electron app.

Hi ,
How to enable the configuration…do we have any plugin to add manually


I don’t know. When I am reading on a feature being disabled because it has been deemed dangerous to use by the own developer, I don’t even think of wasting my time to reenable it. If I need remote control, I will use a dedicated remote control application…