requireDisplayName: true, window

when i set requireDisplayName: true, in jitsi config i noticed that my jibri recording has exactly that window prompting for the display name in the middle.
Is there a way to configure a display name in jibri?

Jibri sets its own display name:
This sounds like a bug in jitsi-meet, it doesn’t detect the Jibri’s displayname or just does not need to show that prompt at all.

So should I open a bug/issue in jitsi-meet?
I can reproduce the issue in a demo environment.
Am i perhaps missing something in the config?


I don’t think so.

Alright, thank you :slight_smile:

Should be fixed now in master.

I saw the fix :slight_smile: I will install tonights nightly build tomorrow and test again

Well looks like i got a config error somewhere…
Still getting the please enter a displayname Window after installing the unstable version/nightly via sudo apt-get -y install jitsi-meet.
Any hint on where to look or what i might be doing wrong?
jibri is running on a second server, connecting to jitsi and records. I installed jibri according to the guide on

Because it turns out there’s another more important bug there. Jibri has two modes of operation: recording and sipgateway. When in recording mode…it actually never sets a display name while it does in sipgateway mode. So I’ll try to get another fix up today.

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Thanks for the info and your time invested into this bug, I am looking forward to testing the fix :slight_smile: