Required videobridge version to migrate away from multiplexing to websockets


I’d like to do this on my current installation:

but the documentation says I have to modify /etc/jitsi/videobridge/jvb.conf, which I don’t have because I’m still using version 2.1-273-g072dd44b-1 from the Debian package.

Will it work if I create the file from scratch?

If not, will it work if I upgrade the jitsi-videobridge2 package and only the jitsi-videobridge2 package? (to the current stable version)

In other words: What is the minimum jitsi-videobridge2 version with which the above migration guide will work?


Note: I already migrated to the latest stable version, so this is now probably moot.
My new setup does not work 100% right yet, so I’ll open another thread.