Required support to make the enterprise / global level conferencing application

Hi Team,

We came to know that you guys provide extra support to make the enterprise / global level conferencing application.

We have a requirement to at least support 400-500 people for a single conference. People will join the meeting all over the globe. There can be multiple conferencing organize from multiple locations.

We have following features,

  1. Video + Audio conferencing

  2. Screen sharing

  3. Conference recording (Including video & audio from all participants)

  4. Live notes sharing

We have some constraints,

  1. MCU should be hosted to our own server.

  2. All connections should be gone through our server only.

We want to know the process to moving forward to get the support from your side to make features working with Jitsi server.

Thanks & Regards,

Pritam Sawwalakhe.

Check out They’ll be able to help with your request.

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