Required specs for small local server installation

I would appreciate all the guidance I can get here. I’m thinking of doing a local installation of Jitsi for a small group (about 25 people). We will need the video feeds for all 25 people to run, but only the host’s voice (everyone else stays muted). I have a small PC that I’m contemplating using as a dedicated server. It will only run Jitsi (apart, of course, for the required server applications). The specs are:

  • Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz
  • 12GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Ethernet - 30MBS download, 5MBS upload
  • Currently runs Windows 10 Pro (64 bit)

I know the internet speed is relatively low compared to what many others have posted, but I’m wondering if this setup would work? I used much lower specs on Zoom and that worked flawlessly (but I loathe Zoom for their security flaws and their pathetic support/customer service). I’ve tried Discord and have found it to be really unstable and a horrible resource hog. Jitsi looks like it would work for us, but I’ll prefer a private installation, if possible. Any guidance, suggestions, pointers would be greatly appreciated.


This would work for up to 2 users with HD video, because of the low upload speed. And you cannot install on windows …
For 25 people with video in a meeting in ideal situation you need 90Mb/s download and upload.

Thanks kindly for responding. No, I wasn’t planning to install on Windows, just giving the current specs of the machine. Plan is to install Ubuntu server on it and then Jitsi.

So, apart from the internet speed, the remaining specs should be fine?


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Can I ask for your opinion/advice on something I’m mulling over, though? So, the specs I gave up there are for a desktop that I was planning on building Jitsi server on. I previously tried Jitsi ( on my laptop which has much lower specs (Intel Core duo, 2.53GHz, 4GB memory, 500GB storage). I didn’t have the smoothest experience on it. In fact, when I tried to record on a meeting with just 4 people, it lagged so badly, I had to switch to another video conferencing application. So, I focused on building the server on the desktop.

But it just occurred to me: with the server on the desktop, it means I will lose all that power I need on the client end (which I would need to use, since I can’t run the app on the same machine I’m hosting the server on - at least, that’s what I think?) If that be so, do you think the laptop specs would be sufficient to host the server? I’m upgrading my upload and download speeds to 200MBS (up and down).

To summarize:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.53GHz
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Hard Drive
  • Ethernet - 200/200MBS upload and download

Will this work to host a Jitsi server (on my laptop) for 25 people? I’d rather use the desktop to connect. Your thoughts and advice would be deeply appreciated.

mostly, if the claim of 200/200 Mbits/s is genuine - when I look at Internet Provider for cable and fiber, it’s always stated that the speed is ‘up to…’ the advertised limit. That is, there is no warranty of constant speed. That’s not a problem when downloading a movie, if you get 110% of the stated speed 90% of the time and 20% 10% of the time, you get the stated performance and no court will give you damages if you complain. For a real time system like a video (and sound !!!) server, you get a very bad result…And in fact one time I asked a person having fiber to check the upload speed of one of these ‘up to…’ connections the real performance was far lower than stated. It was higher than ADSL all right. But about enough to have real time video at high resolution for one or two workstation.
Anyway, 4 GB ram should be enough for a small video server. But not for recording. You would need more than that I think.

Thank you! I’ll look to upgrade the RAM then. You think the CPU is good enough though?

I don’t know enough for that, sorry. Free consulting on the Internet is worth what you are paying for.