Require email for join meeting

Anybody are know how to make so user must entere email adresse before join meeting? I want put same thing like require displayname. I no want use JWT. Please tell me how I are do. Thank you

This are not it. I know secure domain. What I ask are how to make user are enter email before join meeting. Same thing like require displayname.

There is no such feature at the moment, you can implement your own logic and use iframe API to embed the meeting in your app.

We have a custom setup for authenticating users from our site. Here is the process, it might help you.

  • Added new button Login & Join in the Pre join screen, It redirects the user to login page in our Web App.
  • Once the user login, it redirects again to jitsi-meet with JWT token appended with meeting URL.
  • Remaining things will be handled by Jitsi-meet.