Require a password to be set when creating a room

I see a lot of options like a maximum password characters in the settings but i dont see a option when creating a room to require a password to be set when your the first user in a room.
A what’s your name popup is present when you enter/create a room but no password create popup or field seems to be there.

Whats the advice? We need people to have a password on it otherwise they mostly forget afterwards.


You see a field for a convenance name but i also want to have a password field (or after clicking join and your the first)

A default lobby enabled option would also do the trick but that also seems to be missing.

Rooms don’t exist when nobody is inside, they are destroyed. Hence, there is no password for them since they cease to exist.

If you want ssuch a feature you may want to sign up for, which has a permanent room password feature.

I understand that they are destroyd.
When the first user creates a room it should always make a password before he can go into a empty room. Just like the popup to give yourself a name before entering a room (empty or not).

I respectfully disagree. A properly unique meeting name is enough for most cases, and a password can be added afterwards, or the lobby.

That’s fine for most users, but in our use case people keeps forgetting to use a unique meeting name or to enable the password/lobby function. After almost a year of trying over and over again we want to have the lobby enabled by default or to force to enable a password for the first user.

For a name it can also be as a popup when entering a room (with the server settings), so should also be a password question or even simpler a lobby enabled by default.

eparto may be helpful

Don’t know what that is but we are using our own Jitsi server.
I already enabled in the server settings that users get a popup for giving up there name when entering a room but now i still need a popup for a password for the first user or to have lobby always enabled after the first user enters