Requesting tech support for Chromebook, using Chrome browser (can't hear nor see attendees)

I’m using an HP Chromebook (from 2014); Chrome browser

I used to be able to use Jitsi just fine for meetings, but as a few months back, I was NOT able to hear nor see other attendees. If I turn on the web cam and microphone, they can still hear and see me. I know it’s not the actual meeting because I can see and hear them if I go through the meeting on a Windows 10 machine, via Chrome browser.

Is this something that can be fixed on the Jitsi end, or by myself with some patch or something?

If your Chromebook uses some baked-in Chrome browser that can’t be updated, expect it to be broken and stay this way because Jitsi devs have made abundantly clear that the idea of supporting old Chrome browsers with server code updates has zero traction with them. It’s update your browser or die.
Now there could be ways to do that with your old unsupported computer, but the ‘install and config’ tag on this forum means ‘install and config a Jitsi-meet server’, not a particular client. So yes, you have to either find a way to run new Chrome on your old OS, or update your OS by hacking it.

I was afraid of that :frowning: Oh well. I’ll see what I what else I can do. Otherwise, I can probably buy a USB mic, or they have considered switching to Discord for those meetings (although I have a feeling there could be issues there too)

Thanks for your reply!