Request to change default handling of tagging in this forum


Discourse forums seems to have possible configuration for tag muting behaviour:

The default behaviour since the aforementioned change is to hide a topic from ‘latest’ view when one (1) tag has been muted in the user configuration. This is not working for this forum, and I would like it to be so.

Rationale: I have no interest in Docker, and I happen to read docker posts and only after having wasted some time I realize that I have no idea on how to reply and no wish to learn it, because I don’t want to use Docker, and this wasting of my time makes me annoyed with this forum.

In a word, even after having added ‘Docker’ in muted tags, I still see docker-tagged posts and I’d prefer not to.

Is there something to be enabled in the settings that an admin needs to do? This forum is hosted and updated by the discourse team … so if there is no setting to be changed there is nothing we can do …

to change this setting, you need to go to admin page (suffix the url by /admin)
then click settings tab. Then use the sub tab ‘Tags’. Then looks at the option ‘remove muted tags from latest’. If it’s at its default value (Latest) it’s a bug in Discourse (since you are not managing your instance it’s unlikely you are not at the latest version, that is, 2.7)

It is already set:

Ah I see. I did not realize that in your config Docker is both a tag and a category, so for this to work it’s needed to mute it as a category and as a tag. Thanks for looking this up.