REQUEST: Taking somebody aside

In a group video chat, it sometimes is useful to “take somebody aside” and talk with them one to one, out of sight and earshot of the main group. For example, a group video session might be in progress when somebody new arrives late. The late arrival might benefit from a quick Q&A, though the rest of the meeting would prefer to continue with their discussion.

As far as I know, “taking somebody aside” isn’t supported yet by Jitsi. I hope Jitsi support this feature. One way it might be achieved is by clicking on the new arrival, and then having a link appear that would open a new tab for the two of you, muting the mic on the original tab, and then having audio and video working in the new, private one.

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This would also be useful to have sub-chats when in a virtual classroom environment.

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This is similar to Breakout Rooms in Zoom. There you can create a number of sub-rooms and assign people to those rooms, for example if you want students to work out some problem in smaller groups and then get back together a few minutes later.

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I just mentioned this in the Breakout rooms thread: Breakout Rooms?

This is the text from that thread (honestly it’s more appropriate here than in the other thread though it’s related):

In a large gathering, it’s impossible for multiple people to have more than one conversation at once. For example, in a large group where one person wants to ask another person something and they are not comfortable using the text chat feature. Think of using Jitsi for a shared remote dinner party. Very common with people who can’t touch-type or are non-technical. I have this idea of wanting to select someone (or maybe multi-select a subset of participants) and then talk to them briefly which attenuates the rest of the meeting for them while focusing them momentarily on me (“push-to-over-talk”?). Very much like as if you spoke to the person sitting next to you in a room full of people. This isn’t a breakout room. This is like a quick way to have a side meeting within a meeting without leaving the meeting. You can say it’s rude but it always happens! When you have a large meeting, raising your hand to stop the meeting just to say something to someone else doesn’t work.